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Systems Integration & Automation:

WEI provides a wide range of expertise, services, products and cost-effective technologies to manufacturing and service businesses.

WEI's products are innovative systems and subsystems that enable our customers to improve quality and productivity in their manufacturing processes. WEI services include the integration of products and technologies as well as the development of products and processes to give our customers a competitive edge in the market.

WEI has experience in a wide range of industries from military and aerospace to package delivery, chemical, cosmetics and numerous others.

This following case study was developed for Control Engineering, a leading trade magazine. The system has gone through several upgrades since this article was printed.


WEI provides electronic, mechanical and software engineering services with a focus on industrial automation and product development. WEI has developed expertise in:

SCADA - WEI has developed significant expertise in process control and automation through the implementation of PLCs and commercially available SCADA systems. Further, WEI has developed custom realtime inventory tracking, batch processing and quality control systems for customers that integrate with existing components and SAP systems.

Visual Inspection - WEI has developed machine vision solutions of our own proprietary design or Acuity and Imaging Technology solutions as requested by its customers. WEI has numerous patents on visual inspection.

High-speed Motion Control - WEI has knowledge in designing and implementing high-speed motion control systems, such as servo-controlled pick & place systems.

Color Sensing and Control - WEI has developed extensive expertise in the in-process measurement of color. This includes optics, sensors and processing algorithms. WEI is developing a commercial project for industrial color sensing and control applications.

Machine and Process control - Extensive experience in developing control and monitoring systems from entire plant operations through small independent manufacturing systems.

Cotton Swab Production - WEI has been involved with the machinery, controls and processes involved in cotton swab production since the company's inception.

Specialty Sensor Development - WEI has produced numerous specialty sensors based on light and other phenomenon.

WEI successfully deploys American Samoa Digital Driver Licensing System. Work on the American Samoa Title & Registration System has already begun.

WEI awarded contract to provide American Samoa with a Digital Driver Licensing and Motor Vehicle Title & Registration System. The system will be designed to comply with various Real ID Act, AAMVA & Homeland Security requirements.

WEI successfully deploys Alaska Digital Driver Licensing System, saving the state more than 80% on their licensing costs...(more)

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