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Secure ID Systems:

WEI provides complete, turnkey photo ID systems for businesses and local government that incorporate numerous operational and security features.
We provide everything you need to start making high quality photo ID cards for your customers.


The System

WEI's Secure ID system consists of hardware and software components. The hardware components include laptop computers, a digital camera and a plastic card printer. Signature capture pads and fingerprint capture devices are provided as well, if your application requires them.

The software components include as easy-to-use operator interface, a secure proprietary data storage database and a card layout utility. The operator interface was designed to be quickly learned and easily used by people with minimal computer skills. The operator is directed through the steps of capturing pictures, fingerprints, signatures and data. The operator is then shown a preview of the card and directed to print the card. The images and data are then stored in WEI's secure proprietary database which can be accessed by your organizations systems. WEI's card layout utility allows you to make changes to your ID cards or even create new ones for other uses. Most departments elect to use the system to make their officer and staff ID cards.

WEI's Secure ID system was developed using technologies from our Digital Driver's License System and has been field tested for over 7 years. Our system is second to none in reliability and ease of use.

WEI's Secure ID system is flexible and scalable. The system can be adapted to applications from small, single user needs to nationwide enterprise solutions.

WEI's Secure Child ID system product sheet is available for viewing here.


WEI has provided Secure ID systems to several municipal and civic organizations to be used as child photo ID systems. The systems allow parents to ensure that up to date, accurate information about their child is readily available to law enforcement in the event that a child is lost or abducted. WEI worked closely with the Old Saybrook Department of Police Services to create a system that provides operators and law enforcement with the tools they need and provides the security and privacy parents demand. WEI's system is also AMBER compliant in the State of Connecticut. This is a statewide system that gives law enforcement accurate data to help find missing children quickly. The data collected is stored securely by the Connecticut State Police and distributed to several outlets such as the media and highway warning signs.

Old Saybrook Department uses this system as part of their Kids-Safe program. The police department holds events where children are photographed, fingerprinted and their personal data is collected. Cards are printed for the parents and the data is retained for later use in the event that the child is missing. They have had great success with their program and our system. Colchester and Hamden, CT police departments use an identical system for their programs as well. Old Saybrook's program flyer is available for viewing here.

WEI successfully deploys American Samoa Digital Driver Licensing System. Work on the American Samoa Title & Registration System has already begun.

WEI awarded contract to provide American Samoa with a Digital Driver Licensing and Motor Vehicle Title & Registration System. The system will be designed to comply with various Real ID Act, AAMVA & Homeland Security requirements.

WEI successfully deploys Alaska Digital Driver Licensing System, saving the state more than 80% on their licensing costs...(more)

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