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Digital Driver Licensing:

WEI provides driver licensing solutions to state motor vehicle departments. States like Arizona and Alaska have taken their systems in-house and have enjoyed increased control, security and savings over the third party systems they left behind.

WEI's approach has been proven to save states over 55% on the cost of producing driver's licenses and photo identification cards.



WEI has been providing digital drivers license (DDL) solutions to state motor vehicle departments for over 12 years. The systems have been proven to be reliable, secure and have provided significant cost savings to states. WEI provides a solution that allows states to take control of their issuance process and readily affect changes and improvements without additional costs and difficulty.

Take your Driver Licensing Program In house

States like Arizona and Alaska have chosen to run their own licensing program. Arizona audited a 55% savings over the traditional per card transaction method. Alaska estimates an over 80% savings over the per card costs they faced. For Alaska, that represented over $1.4 million dollars in savings.

Here's how it works. WEI provides the states with a complete, ready to use system including the following:

  • Driver's license software
  • Image storage database, if needed
  • Mainframe interface
  • Systems integration services
  • Object and source code
  • Project management
  • Software system support & maintenance
  • Complete set of card layouts
  • Complete set of operation & system documentation
  • Hardware component recommendations
  • Assistance in hardware purchasing

The state can provide or have WEI or others provide the following:

  • Counter & camera workstation computers
  • Capture devices such as cameras & signature pads
  • Card printers
  • Consumable supplies
  • Hardware & software installation
  • Database administration
  • Changes to card layouts or new card layouts
  • Software system support & administration

Through ownership of the system and utilization of existing state IT, administration and technical organizations, the state realizes cost, security and service benefits.

Cost savings are realized through the state purchasing hardware and consumables directly and providing ongoing system support and administration. Because the system is designed to be adaptive and flexible, the system can be used for many years beyond the typical DDL contract length. As states wish to incorporate upgrades, they can change one component at a time without having to go through a costly, problematic and lengthy RFP process.

Security is increased by taking security policies and customer data storage under the control of the state, not a third-party out of state vendor. Additionally, more card-based security features can be incorporated at a lower cost and emerging security technologies such as the Real ID Act and various Homeland Security requirements can be readily incorporated without having to purchase an entirely new system.

Service is improved as the state controls the first tier support and has the contracted support of WEI and others. In time, the state may elect to take the complete support system in house. When changes need to be made to the system or to the cards, the states are given all of the tools necessary to make them without having to go back to any vendor.

More Information

If you would like more information on our driver's license system solution or would like to schedule a demonstration & presentation at your facility, please contact us at 860-388-3038 or email ddl@weiinc.com

WEI successfully deploys American Samoa Digital Driver Licensing System. Work on the American Samoa Title & Registration System has already begun.

WEI awarded contract to provide American Samoa with a Digital Driver Licensing and Motor Vehicle Title & Registration System. The system will be designed to comply with various Real ID Act, AAMVA & Homeland Security requirements.

WEI successfully deploys Alaska Digital Driver Licensing System, saving the state more than 80% on their licensing costs...(more)

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